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The main trend of NTP GROUP counseling activity is legal support to foreign and Russian businesses:

  • Taxation and tax disputes;
  • Corporate law;
  • Customs payment and currency transactions;
  • Bank law and accounts;
  • Insurance business;
  • Transactions with securities;
  • Transactions with real estate;
  • Mortgage;
  • Foreign investments;
  • Court and arbitration representation;
  • Complex support to business projects.

NTP GROUP is proud to offer to its future clients its long-term successful experience in the market of legal services in the following fields:

  • Representation, including preparation of cases, at arbitration, Common Court of Arbitration, including international, in all categories of disputes on recognition (protection) of right, award of rights, transformation (change) of right;
  • Representation at state and administration authorities, including fiscal authorities (real assistance in cooperation with state bodies);
  • Complex support to a consumer;
  • Legal expertise of economic activity in details, preparation of legal conclusions revealing judicial perspective of a case;
  • Tax planning and preparation of tax models;
  • Preparation of flawless agreements, international contracts, claims, writs;
  • Registration of intellectual property, drawing of license agreements;
  • Support to investment projects;
  • Advising on all legal issues, including establishment and management of enterprises of various organizational and legal forms.